Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions about TweetGrab.

How does TweetGrab work?

TweetGrab works by making a list of all your posts that have tweets embedded first. Then, when you start the process by clicking the “Start Taking Screenshots” button inside the WordPress admin area, it pushes the list of all those posts to TweetGrab’s web service that actually takes the screenshots.

One by one, that service visits the post where the Tweet is embedded, takes a screenshot and returns the screenshot to WordPress, where it uploads it to the Media Library and swaps the embed out for the provided screenshot.

Does TweetGrab work with the block editor?

Yes! TweetGrab works with both the block and classic editors. Even if you are using the classic editor for some posts and the block editor for others, TweetGrab will work just fine.

Is it accessible?

When TweetGrab takes a screenshot, it also grabs the text of the Tweet and uses that to set the alt text on the screenshot so that when it’s embedded on your site, screen readers will still be able to parse the content of the Tweet. In addition, the screenshot links to the Tweet itself so that as long as Twitter is still around (🤞🏻), you and your visitors will be able to click on the screenshot and see the Tweet directly on

Will this slow down my site?

Nope! One of the reasons we use an external NodeJS application to actually take the screenshots is to make sure your site isn’t bogged down with generating images, especially if you have a lot of embedded Tweets. They are processed one at a time, with each image getting inserted into your image library and then swapped into the post one by one, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable performance impact.

Once the images are in your Media Library, you can use any of your existing plugins to optimize or compress them to get even better site performance.

Is this a subscription product?

Nope! Because most of our customers will just be running this process one time, TweetGrab doesn’t have any recurring payment required.

What if I have another question/issue?

Send an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.